ProfitPath: Monthly Update I January 2024

Luca Jurende

Luca Jurende

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Our monthly update is here, and January has been an exciting month full of innovations and improvements for all of us at ProfitPath!
Table of Content
1. Introduction
- Welcome Message
- Purpose of the Monthly Update Report

2. Monthly Highlights: January Updates
- Overview of New Features and Improvements
- Details on User Experience Enhancements

3. Feature Updates and Innovations
- Instock-Out-of-Stock Display
- Deep Search Feature
- Favoriting Shops and Viewing Time Overview
- Filtering by Amazon Categories in ProfitPath
- Addition of 14+ New Shops
- Private Search with ASIN Comparison
- UI/UX Improvements and Bug Fixes
- Background Updates for Efficient Sourcing
- New Collaborations and Tools for Users
- New Meetings and FAQ Sessions
- Expansion of Video Courses

4. Looking Forward: February Preview
- Planned Innovations and Software Maintenance
- Teaser for Upcoming Features

5. Community Engagement
- Importance of User Feedback
- Incorporation of Customer Suggestions and Innovations
- Invitation to Join the Community

6. Join Us
- Information on How to Join the Waitlist
- Invitation to Build the Product Together

7. Conclusion
- Thank You Note to Readers and Community

Welcome to our monthly update report

We welcome our customers and community to our first monthly update report, we've had a lot going on since release and in this post we will go into more detail about the the recent updates in month January.

We try and want to be as transparent as possible with our updates, so we have decided to introduce a monthly report.

What's New & What has been improved?

ProfitPath introduced several innovative features and enhancements in January, aimed at improving user experience and efficiency in the Amazon Arbitrage Sourcing Scene. Here's a summary of the latest updates:

Instock-Out-of-Stock Display

This feature allows users to more effectively check the stock status of products in their sourcing time. There is also the feature to filter specifically by instock and out of stock, meaning you can only display instock products or only sold out products, both are also possible.

Deep Search Feature

An enhanced search function has been implemented, allowing for detailed analysis of products. Users can now view various metrics such as Sales Rank, estimated monthly sales, Hazmat product status, and top-seller information over 180 days.

This data helps you to make your purchase decision for a product even faster, as you can see all the important values at a glance and do not have to constantly switch between tabs and collect the data together.


Favoriting Shops and view time overview

Users can now mark their favorite shops and view the times they last visited a shop. This feature helps in staying up to date and allows for a more focused display of favored shops.


Filtering by Amazon Categories in ProfitPath

This feature enables users to filter or exclude specific Amazon categories in their search. This is particularly useful for those who want to specifically search in certain categories like books or want to exclude certain categories from their searches.


Addition of 14+ New Shops

ProfitPath has expanded its offerings with over 14 new shops, providing users with new sourcing opportunities. We have also been very responsive to the wishes of our customers and have implemented their wishes.

Private Search with ASIN Comparison:

Users can now compare ASINs directly in the Private Search function.

UI/UX Improvements and Bug Fixes

To enhance the user experience, various UI/UX adjustments have been made. Additionally, bugs that were present since the beta phase have been successfully fixed.

Background Updates for more efficient sourcing:

There have been further, less visible updates that speed up and simplify the sourcing process, ensuring users have access to the best data.

New Collaborations and tools for our users

ProfitPath has formed new partnerships that offer users access to tools that help in scaling their business to the next level.

New Meetings and FAQ Sessions

In the past two weeks, meetings focused on Amazon and various online arbitrage topics have been held. These sessions provide detailed answers to questions and are a valuable learning resource. Weekly meetings are planned.

Expansion of Video Courses

The range of video courses has been expanded to offer users even deeper insights into big topics at Amazon. A new video was just released yesterday and is constantly being updated.

Of course, there were also a few other small updates, but this is our larger overview for now. We are very proud of it and are already looking forward to February's review. Our goals are clearly defined and you will soon find out more about them in February.

What can our users expect in the coming month of February?

We have another big to do list planned for the month February, while we maintain the whole software and look at and fix each bug individually we are of course working on new innovations that we prefer to keep a little more secret for the public community outside ProfitPath, more on that soon.

Stay tuned for our next recap! Want to know whats going on? Sign into our waitlist here!

Your Feedback

We really appreciate the feedback from our customers and are incredibly proud of the good feedback we have received from our customers so far, it is our priority to look at every single suggestion and dedicate ourselves to it, our goal is to build a great project for our community with which everyone can benefit sustainably.

We have also added most of our customers' pages this month and have been able to incorporate bugs/issues and new innovations directly to make sourcing even easier for our customers.

Thank you very much for all the feedback and we look forward to next month.

Want to join us?

Would you like to join our community and build a great product together with us? Then apply to our waitlist today, our places are currently completely full but we will be releasing a few limited places in the next few weeks. So it's worth signing up.

Sign into our waitlist - Check out our website for more information!

Thanks for reading!

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