Best Amazon Scanner App for Retail Arbitrage Sellers in 2024

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Luca Jurende

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Discover the best Amazon scanner apps for retail arbitrage sellers in 2024. Optimize your product sourcing and maximize profits with our top app recommendations and expert insights.

Best Amazon Scanner App for Retail Arbitrage Sellers in 2024

In the fast-paced world of retail arbitrage, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference between a profitable venture and a missed opportunity. One of the most essential tools for any Amazon seller engaged in retail arbitrage is a reliable scanner app.

These apps allow sellers to quickly scan barcodes of products in retail stores and instantly access crucial data such as current prices, sales rank, and potential profitability. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best Amazon scanner apps for retail arbitrage sellers in 2024, highlighting their features, benefits, and limitations.

What is an Amazon Seller Scanner App?

An Amazon seller scanner app is a mobile application that helps retail arbitrage sellers find profitable products to resell on Amazon. By scanning a product’s barcode, these apps provide important data such as sales rank history, current price, number of sellers, and estimated profitability. This information enables sellers to make quick, informed decisions about whether to purchase inventory for resale.

Why Use an Amazon Seller Scanner App?

Using an Amazon seller scanner app offers several advantages:

- Instant Product Data: Quickly access information about a product’s current price, average price, number of sellers, and potential profit.

- Efficiency: Save time by scanning products in-store and receiving data within seconds, allowing you to quickly sort through unprofitable items.

- Informed Decisions: Input your costs and view potential profit, ROI, and profit margin to make smart buying decisions on the spot.

- Convenience: List products for sale directly from the app, streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency.

Top Amazon Scanner Apps for Retail Arbitrage in 2024

1. Amazon Seller App

The Amazon Seller App is a free tool created by Amazon, making it a popular choice for beginner sellers with a limited budget. It provides basic scanning capabilities and allows users to manage their Amazon business from their phone.

Features of the Amazon Seller App:

- View current selling price, number of sellers, estimated profit, seller eligibility, and Best Sellers Rank.
- Scan barcodes and product packaging.
- List products for sale directly from the app.
- See estimated profits for both FBM and FBA fulfillment methods.


- Requires Wi-Fi or data to use.
- Cannot view sales rank history, average selling price, custom fees or taxes, or which offer has the Buy Box.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

The Amazon Seller App is ideal for those just starting out or those who prefer a free, straightforward tool.

2. Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is a paid yet affordable scanning app that connects to Amazon’s API for up-to-date results. It offers advanced features that are highly valuable for determining product profitability.

Features of Bandit:

- Quickly scans barcodes.
- Shows which offer has the Buy Box.
- Calculates profit based on 15 factors, including Amazon fees, weight, taxes, cost of goods, and shipping.
- Connects to your Seller Central account for listing items from the app.
- Provides historical sales rank and price graphs.

Price: Subscription-based

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Profit Bandit is great for sellers who need detailed product and sales data to make informed purchasing decisions.

3. Scoutify 2

Scoutify 2, managed by InventoryLab, is a popular choice among Amazon sellers due to its integration with InventoryLab’s inventory management tools. It offers a comprehensive suite of features for retail arbitrage.

Features of Scoutify:

- Scan barcodes and view detailed product information.
- Integrates with InventoryLab for seamless inventory management.
- Allows setting of criteria for “ideal buy” triggers.
- Provides Keepa and CamelCamelCamel integration for price tracking.

Price: Subscription-based with a free 30-day trial

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Scoutify 2 is ideal for sellers who already use InventoryLab or those looking for a robust, integrated solution.

4. Scoutly (Formerly FBAScan)

Scoutly is known for its offline capabilities, making it a unique option for sellers who may not always have internet access. It downloads pricing data from Amazon’s database for offline use.

Features of Scoutly:

- Offline database scanning.
- Provides detailed product information, including sales rank and price history.
- Integrates with TurboLister for quick listing creation.

Price: Subscription-based

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Scoutly is perfect for sellers who need reliable scanning capabilities even without an internet connection.

Keepa is primarily a price tracking app but also offers scanning capabilities. It provides advanced at-a-glance price tracking and historical data.

Features of Keepa:

- Tracks price history and sales rank.
- Provides detailed graphs and data analysis.
- Integrates with other Amazon seller tools.

Price: Free for basic features; advanced features available starting at $49/month

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

Keepa is best for sellers who need detailed price tracking and historical data to make informed purchasing decisions.

SellerAMP is the app for research instore, most amazon seller go straight in their stores and scan the articles. It delivers the perfect experience and gives most of the time very accurate data to calculate with. We really recommend!

Features of SellerAMP

- Tailored Profit Search: Set desired ROI, profit, and BSR; highlights products meeting specifications.
- Mobile Barcode Scanning: Scan barcodes in stores to see deal options.
- Profit Calculator: Calculate projected profit margin, breakeven sale price, and Amazon's estimated payout.
- Restriction Alerts: Notifies of product eligibility issues, IP concerns, size discrepancies, meltable status, and variations.
- Competitive Insights: Provides insights into competitor offerings, including seller type, stock, and estimated sales.
- Sales and Ranking Analysis: Data on Best Sellers Rank (BSR), Buy Box price, Amazon's selling price, and other sales/rank information.
- Smart Product Search: Search for products on any website and receive analysis results quickly.
- Integrated Keepa Charts: View product price trends and sales history.
- Storefront Exploration: Explore store details, top brands, and product categories.
- Quick Product Overview: Summary of product information, including eligibility, maximum cost, projected profit, ROI, and BSR.

Price: $19.95 per month

Compatibility: Android and iPhone

How to Choose the Best Amazon Scanner App

When choosing the best Amazon scanner app for your retail arbitrage business, consider the following factors:

- Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on a scanner app. Free options like the Amazon Seller App are great for beginners, while paid apps like SellerAMP offer more advanced features to save yourself a lot of time.

- Features: Identify the features that are most important to you, such as offline capabilities, historical data, or integration with other tools.

- Ease of Use: Choose an app that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, especially if you are new to retail arbitrage.

- Compatibility: Ensure the app is compatible with your smartphone or tablet.


In 2024, retail arbitrage sellers have a variety of powerful Amazon scanner apps to choose from. Whether you are a beginner looking for a free, straightforward tool or an experienced seller in need of advanced features, there is an app that fits your needs.

The Amazon Seller App, Profit Bandit, Scoutify 2, Scoutly, and Keepa are all excellent options, each with its own unique features and benefits. By selecting the right scanner app, you can streamline your sourcing process, make informed purchasing decisions, and ultimately boost your profitability on Amazon. In our blog it turns out that SellerAMP & Keepa rre the winners.

Additional Tips for Using Amazon Scanner Apps

- Stay Updated: Regularly update your scanner app to ensure you have access to the latest features and data.
- Practice Scanning: Familiarize yourself with the app’s scanning capabilities by practicing on various products.
- Analyze Data: Take the time to analyze the data provided by the app to make well-informed purchasing decisions.
- Combine Tools: Consider using multiple tools in conjunction with your scanner app for a more comprehensive approach to retail arbitrage.

By leveraging the power of Amazon scanner apps, retail arbitrage sellers can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace and maximize their profits in 2024 and beyond.

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