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Luca Jurende

Luca Jurende

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Discover the fastest growing EU regions for Amazon in 2024. Explore market trends and growth opportunities to optimize your sales strategy and expand your e-commerce business.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fastest growing EU Amazon regions are led by Germany, followed by the UK and France.
  • Germany, UK, and France play crucial roles in Amazon's European market strategy and contribute significantly to sales in Europe.

In the Amazon arbitrage world, we always have to ask ourselves which regions are currently performing best in the EU sector and which are on the rise?

Fortunately, Amazon gives you the option to sell from one country to different countries if you have everything set up correctly.

The fastest growing EU Amazon Regions

In Europe, the Amazon regions that attract the most traffic are led by Germany, closely followed by the UK and France. The latest data from 2023 shows that Germany is one of the busiest e-commerce sites in the country, with hundreds of millions of visits to the Amazon marketplace every month. This is due to the large and robust e-commerce sector in Germany, with Amazon leading the way ahead of other local online shops(E-Commerce Germany News).

Amazon usage is also very high in the UK, with billions of user interactions per year accounting for a significant proportion of Amazon's total traffic(World Population Review). France also enjoys high engagement with millions of monthly visitors, reflecting its central role in Amazon's European market strategy(World Population Review).

These three countries not only lead the way in terms of visitor numbers, but also play a crucial role in Amazon's sales figures and contribute significantly to sales in Europe. Germany and the United Kingdom are particularly prominent markets, often ranking just behind the United States when it comes to Amazon's total sales volume(World Population Review).

High volume at Amazon

The high volume of traffic and sales is indicative of Amazon's well-established presence in these markets, taking advantage of the large consumer base and increasing shift to e-commerce facilitated by digital payment options and extensive fulfilment networks.

This insane traffic has made it easy for Amazon sellers to sell almost anything and move it quickly, while competitors are still somewhat behind.

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